Paid Surveys – How it works

Paid Survey Scams Revealed

It’s fun and exciting to think about what you could do with a little extra cash in your pocket.

Imagining, how nice it would be to eliminate the debt looming over your head or knowing with certainty that all your bills will be paid on time or even just being able to pamper yourself and family with a few new “toys” is a dream most people have.

This is true whether you are a stay at home mom, college student, or simply looking for a way to make a little extra spending money.

Dishonest people know this and as a result, there are no shortage of “get paid” and “get rich” schemes, courses, and books floating around the internet. Just do a search on Google for “get paid” and your get 58,800,000 search results!

You can just feel the slime and shadiness dripping of the web pages!

Pretty much every one of these sites claim to have the answer but when you think about, if they had the answer then wouldn’t everyone be rich and successful?

Because their claims are so intoxicating, it’s hard to separate truth from fiction.

What methods work and which don’t? Which are legitimate opportunities and which are complete scams?

This report focuses strictly on the opportunities open to you through paid surveys. We have waded through the mounds of mis-information and promises of overnight wealth and riches in order to present the truth about paid surveys:

They offer legitimate opportunities but raise a skeptical eyebrow to claims of quick riches and $125/hour pay days.

Promising The World:

The primary claim of paid survey sites is that you can be rich with next to no effort.

The basic sales pitch is that you sign up for their service in order to gain access to companies that will pay you to take surveys for product research and consumer feedback.

Not only does this sound ridiculously simple but they also throw in claims that you can work as little as 30 minutes a day and make “Up to $125/hr”

Unfortunately, this is completely untrue.

If all you had to do was pay a one time fee to get access to a list of surveys, fill them out and sit back and watch the money roll in I guarantee no one would be selling this secret recipe for only $30-$50.

The Reality:

The sad reality is that once you join many of these sites, the dream quickly fades and reality sets in.

What you find “on the other side” are:

Messy, unorganized lists of companies that you must sort through to find the surveys

Outdated material, companies that no longer exist, disconnected phone numbers, and links that lead to dead web sites.

Zero help from the staff and no direction on where to start and how to going in the right direction.

No refunds! When you want your money back your refund requests disappear in a black hole of unanswered and ignored e-mail.
In fact, there is an underground industry of people creating these paid survey sites bilking people out of their money and then closing up shop once people complain only to launch another site under a different name.

The only people making $125/hour are the people running the sites!

People Are Making Money With Paid Surveys:

We have come across at last 37 different paid survey sites in our efforts to uncover the truth about the legitimacy of paid surveys.

While we haven’t joined all of them we have joined many and talked with their members and site owners to try and uncover any truth to the claims these sites make.

The majority of these site owners stand behind their claims of easy money or simply do not respond to our attempts at contacting them.

Obviously, going directly the site owners is extremely biased in favor of paid surveys and in order to get a balanced view we must go directly to members of these paid survey communities.

Our next stop was paid survey forums and communities to talk directly with members on these paid survey sites.

Research revealed that many people are indeed making money from paid surveys. But are by no means making near the $125/hour claims found on many paid survey sites.

The consensus seems to be that if you go in expecting to make a lot of money you will be very disappointed and unsatisfied.

If, however, you are only expecting to make some additional side and part time income when starting out you can easily enjoy a couple hundred dollars in your pocket each month.

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