Can WordPress Run Javascript

A really interesting question – but it does get asked….

Being really pedantic in my response, I would say that Javascript is actually executed on your computer, not the webhost.
When a webpage loads, it ‘calls’ a javascript that is downloaded to your computer and then executes locally through your browser.

The reason I’m being particular with this response is if the browser viewing your site does not support Javascript, or has javascript support turned off, the javascript called on a webpage will not execute.

WordPress can be configured to call javascripts.

Javascript is used for a number of things including:

  • Displaying Navigation menus
  • Creating dropdown functions on nav menus
  • Shadow box / light box functions for images and videos
  • Sliders
  • Displaying opt in forms on pages
  • Interacting on a page like:
  • accordian menus
  • dynamic responses via forms
  • changing the styling elements on a page based on user preference
  • change the elements (images, videos, text etc) based on user preference
  • Live Search functionality

Really, what can be achieved with javascript is never ending….

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